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Whether it be walking down the isle to get to the meeting room or flying around the world for a business meeting, lunching a new product, training, troubleshooting, etc., valuable company time and resources are not being used efficiently.

When you go to a business meeting are you always sure that you have all the needed materials? are you sure you will have an available overhead projector that will work with no irritating problems? can you invite people to your meeting in a relatively short time notice? etc.

With Enterprise Workspace Collaboration you can do all the above without leaving your office.  Videoconferencing, secure file/information sharing, on-line tools, and more helps you accelerate critical business decision and provide for an efficient use of the company resources.  EWC solutions that better manage the tradeoffs between precision, consistency, agility, speed, and cost of decision-making within organizations.

Enterprise Workspace Collaboration (EWC):

bulletLeverage Corporate Knowledge - Find experts and collaborate in real-time with a robust set of on-line tools.
bulletWork More Effectively - Share knowledge instantly with the people who need it! Co-workers, partners, and customers come together in your customized on-line world.
bulletSecure And Reliable - Encrypted communications and digital certificate authentication ensure that your collaborative sessions are secure.
bulletIncrease Productivity - Combine ideas, develop presentations, work with graphics, text, and multimedia applications within a secure virtual space.
bulletConnect Your Global Workforce - Accelerate critical decision-making across networks and around the world while reducing business travel.

InfoWorkSpace Includes:

bulletA customizable secure virtual environment organized into secure buildings, floors and rooms, filled with tools you need to collaborate.
bulletImprove collaboration in on-line sessions with robust and reliable applications. Edit text, annotate documents and graphics and share applications.
bulletA fully integrated instant messaging client, complete with text and voice chat, virtual whiteboard, document editing and application sharing.
bulletCommunicate securely and effectively, using text, audio and graphics with team members and co-workers.

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