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Videoconferencing Multipoint Bridging Prices

Network Bridging Services pricing is dependent upon a number of factors, mainly how the call is initiated (Dial-Out vs. Dial-In), where the participating sites are located (in the U.S./Canada or in another country), Audio add-on, and ITU Standards (e.g. H.320, H.261) bridging.

We are one of the few providers publishing their prices online.  The published prices are continuously updated to reflect the most competitive rates in the market.  If you pay more for the same service, the market price for that service will go up.  On the other hand, if you shop smart and pay a lower price for the same service, the market price for that service will go down.

Click below to learn more about various pricing categories:

- Dial-Out Charges:

        Dial-Out Pricing - North America (U.S. & Canada)

        Dial-Out Pricing - International

- Dial-In Charges: Dial-In

- Additional Charges and Free Services: Feature Charges

General Guideline in using the service:


Dial-Out or Dial-In should be specified for each location when making a conference reservation


Dial-Out Domestic and International calls include both transport and conference bridging in one bundled price


Dial-In Pricing includes bridging charges only (does not include endpoint transport to our Conference Center bridge)


Standards-based bridging is defined as ITU (CCITT) Video Conferencing Standards H.320 and H.261


Every time you use our bridging services you earn "frequent user" points.  To find out more about the program or to redeem your points click here.

*** For special pricing under contract and special discounts, please contact your ATKSI Account Executive***

*** Rates effective 03/11/2002 ***


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