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Delivery and management of network-based services, applications, and equipment:

·                     Videoconferencing Applications

Site to Site

Multi-sites bridging

Audio conferencing

Web-based conferencing

·                     Managed Service Provider (MSP):

Remote Network Monitoring and Troubleshooting 24/7

Network Backup system

Network Configuration

Network Security

Wireless Access

Voice over IP - VoIP -

Unified Communications

Contact Center—Unity Server

·                     Server and Desktop Applications:

Windows Server 2003 Management

Active Directory Management

Virtual Private Network—VPN

Remote Desktop Connection

Desktop/Laptop setup

Virus & Spyware Removal

Networking and Internet support

Technology training

Data Backup— on site/off site

Online Data Backup

Data Recovery

Hardware/Software Upgrades

Personal Electronic Device support

- Training: personnel as well as customers.

- Program Management: Project consulting and project management know-how.

- Integration support: integration of multi-vendors products in an end-to-end solution.

- We treat all private and proprietary information belonging to your company or any of your company's suppliers and customers with the utmost confidentiality. We do sign a non-disclosure agreement as well as other agreements regarding intellectual property.

Our Experience Overview:

- Over two decades in telecommunications, IPT, data communications, and IT applications from telecom/IT industry leaders.
- We specialize in Next Generation Networks, Network Convergence, and Unified Communications.
- Lead team in providing customer support on Lucent SoftSwitch: Proof of concept, Trials, FOA, field deployment, program management, and training for Lucent Technologies' customers worldwide.
- Experience with most common test equipment (our engineers will pick up on new/proprietary test equipment and test beds in a relatively short period of time).
- Interoperability testing and certification.
- Network Equipment-Building System (NEBS) / Network Equipment Development Standards (NEDS).
- ANSI Electronic Industries Alliance (EIA) / Telecommunications Industry Association (TIA).
- Element and Network Management Systems integration and Operations Support Systems integration and verification.  Billing Systems integration.
- Thorough understanding of SoftSwitch main components: Application Development Interface JTAPI/JAIN/PARLAY, Media Resource Manager IVR/Video streaming, Call Control, IPDC, MGCP, H.248, H.323, SIP, CCSS7, ISDN, RTP/RTCP, ATM/AAL, VoIP or EoIP, VToA.
- Converged Network Features and Services.
- Operations Support Systems (OSSs) Integration.
- Application Provider Interface (API), flexible and open API for Enterprise Application Integration (EAI), Java Telephony API (JTAPI), Internet Protocol Detail Record (IPDR).
- Operations Support Systems integration and verification.  E.g. Telcordia OSMINE Services allowing your products to support heritage OSSs.
- Element and Network Management for Next Generation Switching infrastructure.
- Customer Management
- Traffic Mediation (e.g. Bill Dats)
- Billing and Rating Systems (e.g. Lucent Technologies Kenan systems)
- Trouble Management, Network Inventory, and Provisioning (e.g. MetaSolv)
- Middleware (e.g. Vitria Technology)
- NE Control
- Enhanced Service Providers (ESPs) or Value Added Networks (VANs).


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