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Business Automation and Network Information Computing Applications

Computers, Information, and Computer Networking are an integral part of successful businesses around the world.  Small, medium, and large size companies are continuously discovering new ways of using the electronic and information technologies in order to achieve increased productivity, lower costs, and happier customers.

Business Intelligence (BI) is a reality most businesses can no longer ignore.  Enterprise Architecture entails a number of SW packages integrated with one another and running in a networked Server and Clients architecture.  Sounds like a lot of headaches? not when you use one source for your entire Enterprise Architecture including the underlying LAN/WAN network architecture.

Fully Automated Business Solutions is key to:


Empowering employees: providing employees with on-line access to a wide variety of inter-company as well as global information assisting them in their daily work.


Empowering managers: providing managers with an empowering tool enabling them to monitor and control employees working hours and production.


Empowering executives: providing company executives with the necessary tools to monitor control and participate (on premises as well as remotely) with all aspect of their company's operation.

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Enterprise Architecture

BI Functions

Description COTS
Enterprise Resource Planning

Business management system that integrates all facets of the business, including planning, manufacturing, sales, and marketing.

Inventory control, order tracking, Audit, customer service, finance and human resources to ensure business application requirements are met.  Also, translates business requirements into global solutions and design standards that utilize emerging technologies to provide optimum cost/performance ratios.

SAP AG (Systems, Applications and Products)

For small businesses: ATKSI customized multi-currency ERP system.

Enterprise Data Models

Data Architect


Conceptual Data Model

Logical Data Model

Physical Data Model

Telelogic Popkin

Extract, Transform, and Load (ETL) - Extracting data from outside sources,

- Transforming it to fit business needs, and ultimately,

- Loading it into the data warehouse.

IBM WebSphere DataStage

Integration Services (MS SQL 2005)

Data Transformation Services (MS SQL 2000)

Oracle Warehouse Builder

Enterprise Data Management


PLM data management system

PDM data management system

metadata management system

EDM links to other corporate systems such as ERM CRM SCM


iScrub, IBM WebSphere

Product Data Management

- Creates an automatic link between product data and a database.

CAD models and drawing and their associated documents.

Product visualization data.

- Metadata such as owner of a file and release status of the components.

- Controls check-in and check-out of the product data to multi-user

- Carries out engineering change management and release control on all versions/issues of components in a product.

- Builds and manipulates the product structure BOM (Bill of Materials) for assemblies

- Assists in configurations management of product variants. This enables automatic reports on product costs, etc. Furthermore, PDM enables companies producing complex products to spread product data in to the entire PLM launch-process.


- Autodesk

- textile CAD - Lectra, Gerber



- UGS s Teamcenter

Product Lifecycle Management Manages the entire lifecycle of a product from its conception, through design and manufacture to service and disposal. PLM is a set of capabilities that enable an enterprise to effectively and efficiently innovate and manage its products and related services throughout the entire business lifecycle. It is one of the four cornerstones of a corporation's IT digital structure. All companies need to manage communications and information with its customers (CRM) and its suppliers (SCM) and the resources within the enterprise (ERM). SAP AG


Enterprise Relationship Management

Uses existing sales, marketing, service, finance, and manufacturing databases to generate new information about its customer relationships.


Supply Chain Management

Deals with the planning and execution issues involved in managing a supply chain.  The components of SCM are:

- Demand planning (forecasting).

- Demand collaboration.

- Order promising.

- Strategic network optimization.

- Production and distribution planning.

- Production scheduling.

- Transportation planning.

- Transportation execution.

- Tracking and Measuring.

- Plan of reduction of costs and management of the performance.




Customer Relationship Management


Marketing effectiveness

Responsiveness and market trends



Siebel CRM

Software Configuration Management

SCM is part of Configuration Management (CM). is a set of activities designed to:

- Control change by identifying the work products that are likely to change.

- Establish relationships among the work products.

- Define mechanisms for managing different versions of these work products.

- Control the changes imposed, and auditing and reporting on the changes made.

SCM is a methodology to control and manage a software development project.

Telelogic DOORS




Enterprise Workspace Collaboration

- Leverage Corporate Knowledge - Find experts and collaborate in real-time with a robust set of on-line tools.

- Work More Effectively - Share knowledge instantly with the people who need it! Co-workers, partners, and customers come together in your customized on-line world.

- Secure And Reliable - Encrypted communications and digital certificate authentication ensure that your collaborative sessions are secure.

- Increase Productivity - Combine ideas, develop presentations, work with graphics, text, and multimedia applications within a secure virtual space.

- Connect Your Global Workforce - Accelerate critical decision-making across networks and around the world while reducing business travel.





Our Business Consultants, previous CO and consultant to major companies in the USA, can help your company in the following areas:


Full Business Analysis


Business specific logistics


Management Training Needs


Staff Cross Training and Leveling Workloads






Redundancy reduction and elimination


Boost output throughput with lower overhead cost


Strategic planning for Consolidations and Mergers


Full assistance for successful acquisitions


Turning salvageable value assets into profitable capital investment expanding new markets.


Turning crisis management into  structured main stream management


Robotics for higher efficiency in production throughput


Unit cell manufacturing concepts


JIT or Just-In-Time manufacturing


Fully automated business integration from purchasing to operations to marketing and sales.


Secure global access and control over the company's automated system.

With well over 15 years of experience in this field, we picked the following two examples for your assessment of our quality services:

- BA solution example for a manufacturing company in the United States

Confidentiality agreements are key to our success.  Non-Disclosure agreements, as required by our customers, are signed before any preliminary study is done.  Confidentiality agreements, as required by our customers, are signed together with the contract agreement.

ATKSI Integrated ERP System includes: Accounting, Stock/Inventory, Employees Payroll, Vendors, Customers System: Comprehensive Client/Server accounting system for small and medium size institutions: accounts, currencies, customers, vendors, payroll, employees, stock, etc.  The system can be customized to serve your specific needs and requirements.

Network Computing: Email Server, Fax Server, File System Server, Client Server applications, (Multi-dimensional) Database Applications, BI Systems. 

ATKSI - ETL Systems: we use the ETL tool which can best communicate with the many different relational databases and read the various file formats used throughout an organization.  Our value added  is in tailoring the tool to your needs.

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