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Network Access Products and Services

Satellite Network Access: Global Services.

Wireless Network Access: Nationwide.

Landlines Network Access (for USA customers only):

Service Type (Carrier Digital Services): DS0, DS1, DS3, OC-3, and OC-12.

Terminating Equipment: DACS/DXC, MUX, etc.

SONET: DS1, DS3, STS-1, OC-3, OC-12, and OC-48



Dedicated Internet Access with speeds up to 10Gbps (OC192c).  Choose from the following plans:

            - Burstable DS1/DS3/OC3c/OC12c: Pay based on actual monthly usage level.

            - Price Protected DS1/DS3/OC3c/OC12c: fixed monthly rate.

            - Double/Diverse DS1/DS3/OC3c/OC12c: load sharing bandwidth where with "Double" you get internet access from the same network hub, and with "Diverse" you get internet access from two different network hubs.

            - Shadow DS1/DS3/OC3c/OC12c: dependable redundant solution for mission-critical Internet applications.  Using BGP4 routing, "Shadow" automatically and seamlessly reroutes traffic to a secondary connection.

             - Tiered DS3/OC3c/OC12c: for users with stable bandwidth requirements, and need flexible bandwidth tiers.


 MAEŽATM: ISP to ISP with connection rates of DS3, OC3c and OC12c.


Internet Access Via Frame Relay: up to 1.536 Mbps.


768K: scaled-down T1 service.



                - Dial-up: with 3,800 POPs worldwide, V.90 56K, ISDN, as well as 800 access.

                - VIP Branded Dial Access: full turnkey solution for a virtual ISP.



                - Line Ordering

                - Preconfigured Customer Premises Equipment (CPE):

                - IP Addressing:

                - Domain Name Registration:

                - DNS Service:

                - SMTP e-mail relay and NNTP newsfeed service

                - Installation Engineering Team

                - Customer Service Center:


VIDEOCONFERENCING:  in general, is more reliable and affordable than ever before.  However, some users are still having difficulties relying on videoconferencing for their business.

The Key factor that had always been an issue, in any telecommunications application, is Network Reliability.  Providing an end-to-end reliable connection is key to providing QoS for any multimedia application.  Network Reliability; however, comes at a great price:

1-) Major Network Providers are responsible for their network design and implementation, operation, administration, management, and provisioning.

2-) Major Network Providers are not responsible for internetworking.  Network providers will ensure Network Interconnect (NI) as required  by the authority (FCC), but NI is only a subset of internetworking.  For example what happens if network A (providing you with network access) has some routing incompatibility issues with Network B where your destination user is connected to?

3-) Network bandwidth is crucial to videoconferencing.  If you are videoconferencing over circuit switched network (e.g. ISDN), packet switched network (IP), cell switched network (AAL), or a hybrid network you need to dedicate enough end-to-end bandwidth.  Enough bandwidth on access only is not enough, you need to make sure your network provider(s) is/are ensuring the required bandwidth end-to-end.


Videoconferencing users need a reliable service at an affordable price, and do not need to worry about network problems.  Therefore, we recommend our worldwide Switched Digital Services (SDS).  If you join our network you will automatically qualify for the following:

1- Reliable end-to-end connections for the duration of the call.

2- On a national point-to-point (2-site) conferences: If you cannot connect to a particular destination (because of equipment or other incompatibility issues) we will connect you through our bridging center for 50% discount on our already very competitive multipoint bridging charges (never be left out in the cold again).

3- Customers joining our SDS network before the end of the year, can choose from one of  the following three simple ISDN access plans (private and dedicated  network access customers please call us for rates):

   - Platinum:    for $30.00/month your state-to-state rate will be: 5.5c/min/channel and you get an automatic 40% discount on our video/audio bridging services.
   - Gold:       for $20.00/month your state-to-state rate will be: 6.5c/min/channel and you get an automatic 30% discount on our video/audio bridging services.
   - Silver:      for $10.00/month your state-to-state rate will be: 7.5c/min/channel and you get an automatic 20% discount on our video/audio bridging services.

(no minimums - not to be combined with any other discounts)

To subscribe simply click to download the Letter of Authorization form, complete, sign, date, and fax it back to us at: +1 (727) 362-1237

For any other information regarding your network access ordering, installation, and pricing you can contact us via phone, FAX, or email:


+1 (727) 543-9667


+1 (727) 362-1237




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