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Integrated Voice, Video and Data over Packet Switched Networks: VoIP, VoFR

 Integrated Voice, Video and Data over Cell Switched Networks VoATM

ATM to MPLS metro

Broadband Access (xDSL) - VoDSL - xDSL Concentrators.

Keeping in mind that xDSL solutions and VoIP Solutions are interim solutions until ubiquitous end-to-end fiber networks based solutions becomes a reality, we propose solutions minimizing future transitioning cost.

We specialize in Next Generation Network Convergence where Data, Voice, Fax, Video, and Multimedia solutions are converged onto a single packet switched network saving network providers capital investment in equipment, maintenance and operation.

Our customized turnkey solutions are backed by our guarantee:

Interconnecting cell towers can be done, in most cases, efficiently using our guaranteed solutions

Training room solution

Special Application Solution: Centralized Control of 113 videoconferencing and monitoring sites.



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