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IP Telephony... Multimedia Conferencing ... Personal Communications... Mobility...Workspace Collaboration... Contact Center...

Products and Services for your Unified Communication Application:


Landline, Wireless, and Satellites


LAN WAN Switching and Routing Infrastructure


VoIP, IPT, CTI Applications: IP PBX, Call/Contact Centers, Voicemail and Unified Messaging Systems, etc.


Managed Services Provider

Network Architecture Design Configurations and Operation:


Circuit Switched Solutions: POTS, ISDN, etc.


Packet Switched Solutions: X.25, Frame Relay and VoFR, IP and V2oIP, etc.


Cell Switched Solutions: ATM/AAL, VToA, H.321, etc.


Multi-Protocol Label Switching Solutions: MPLS metro, MPLS VPN


Converged Solution: Gateways, Gatekeepers, Call Manager/Unified Communications Manager, routers, switches, and hubs. Network Monitoring and Operation. Network QoS, Redundancy, Reliability, and Performance.

We specialize in providing Reliable Network Access and Transport, Network Convergence, Network Integration, Network Interworking, and Internetworking Solutions.

Data Communications, Telephony, Audio/Video Conferencing, and Network Convergence Solutions: Voice, Video, FAX, Data, and Multimedia Solutions. Reliable Network Access and Transport: xDSL/DSLAM, ISDN, Centrex, Frame Relay, and ATM.  LAN, WAN, MAN, LAN to WAN.  V2oIP, VToA, PRI Offload, and Internet Call Diversion (ICD).

Business Automation and Network Computing: Network Fax Server, Network File System, Client Server applications, Multi-dimensional Database Applications, Accounting and Customer Automation Systems.


  1. Computer Telephony and Network Convergence Solutions: Let us show you how to save money on your Office Telephone System, integrate your telephone system with your computer system and internet access.  All the features, you need for your small to medium size business, for a fraction of the cost:  Auto Call Attendant, Call Center, Call Agent and ACD, Call Transfer, Call forward, Call waiting, Conference Calls, Voice Mail Server, Fax Server, and more for under $10,000.  VoIP,  IP PBX, IVR and ACD. solutions.

  2. Network Solutions: Firewalls, Secured VPN, LAN/MAN/WAN Routers and Gateways.  Network Design and Optimization, Network Deployment for co-located offices as well as dispersed multi-offices across a metropolitan area or multi-offices across the world.  Client Server applications. Database applications.  Accounting and Customer Billing Applications.  Working with an existing infrastructure or providing new network solutions. Specialist in Network Integration, Convergence, Interworking, and Internetworking.

  3. Trials and First Office Applications: Network solutions and network applications are not complete without a real live field demonstration and verification of features and capabilities.

  4. Network Access and Transport Services: Saving you money and frustration with Integrated or Hybrid Network Access and Network Transport services.  E.g. Videoconferencing problems are mostly due to networking issues (network resources, network incompatibility, or network configuration).  Join our worldwide videoconferencing network to connect and save.

Key Benefits

bulletOne source and one point of contact for all your communications needs.
bulletCutting edge technology
bulletA customized solution to fit your budget.
bulletVerification via a trial or First Office Application of a viable network design solution.

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